Behind Every Star

Behind Every Star

Plot Synopsis By EstrenosDoramas:

Behind Every Star 2022 is a South Korean Drama Series of DramaCool whose story is about employees working in the same company and their personal lives and aspirations are shown in Behind Every Star. In this company, a man named Ma Tae Oh works as a manager and performs his duties as the general director at Method Entertainment.

He is very smart and if he wants to get something, he is ready to go to any lengths to get it. Another employee named Cheon Je In started as an on-site manager but has now been working as a manager for 14 years. He has a habit of drinking and is quick to anger.

This is also like Ma Tae Oh, when she wants to get something, she does everything possible to get it regardless. Ma Tae Oh and Cheon Je In have many disagreements going on. Kim Joong Don is Cheon Je In’s best friend at work and he holds the same position as a leader of a manager team. He is a gentle person.

Hyun Joo also works as a manager in the same company. She is a deceitful manager who often causes trouble.