Gone with the Rain

Gone with the Rain

Plot Synopsis By EstrenosDoramas:

In the ancient state of Jing, a young Emperor named Zhen Zhong has just ascended to the throne. But the state has been torn apart by a tumultuous rebellion. But the rebellion has also left the royal court in tatters. All sorts of powerful nobles have their eyes on the throne, and the risk of a coup is higher than ever. Meanwhile, the poor folk of the state attempt to eke a living out of the land – with their overlords unconcerned with anything other than seizing power. In this harsh world, a young orphan woman named Mo Xi is trying to avoid an unpleasant fate. Her calculating aunt, the Lady of the Mai mansion, threatens to marry her off to the stable keeper.

But Mo Xi is free-spirited and independent. And it is this spirit that leads her to become embroiled in one of her aunt’s schemes – a plan to gain favor with the government by marrying her daughter Bai Feng Yao to Chen Wen De. Chen Wen De is a military leader who, rumor has it, is a former bandit. His uncouth ways have earned him a bad reputation among the noble ladies. Mo Xi, who is close to Bai Feng Yao, tells her cousin that she will help her avoid marriage. But interfering with the situation inadvertently lands Mo Xi in Chen Wen De’s path. Will he take a fancy to her instead of her cousin? Could love bloom among the chaos?

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~~ Adapted from the novel “Feng Yu Nong, Yan Zhi Luan” (风雨浓,胭脂乱) by Ni Luo (尼罗).