Love Endures

Love Endures

Plot Synopsis By EstrenosDoramas:

Huang Ying Zi, Jiang Yi, Fang Ming Yu, Zhuang Yuan, Lan Yi Fei, and Guan Chao all grew up together in Aerospace City, and they became known as the “Aerospace City F6”. The good friends had promised to be together for the rest of their lives but were forced to abandon their promise because of an accident in the year of their Gaokao college entrance examination.

Twelve years later, at the age of 30, they each walked alone on their respective paths of life, working hard and growing up in the adult world. Suddenly, one day, they received the news that their good friend Guan Chao was about to get married. With the help of Huang Ying Zi, the old friends reunited during the wedding, and their memories of youth slowly unfolded.

Only then did they realize that the feelings that had sprouted when they were seventeen had never dissipated, and there were many misunderstandings behind the accident… in fact, the friendship that stayed in the past had never ended.

(Source: Youku)

~~ Adapted from the novel “Who Do You Like at Seventeen” (十七岁你喜欢谁) by Ying Shi Liu (樱十六).