Thousands of Years of Love

Thousands of Years of Love

Plot Synopsis By EstrenosDoramas:

Feng Ruo Yao, is a phoenix and the ruler of the demon realm. She falls in love at first sight with Immortal Lord Mo Chen Yuan and forces him back to the demon realm to marry her. Mo Chen Yuan has always had a crush on Feng Ruo Yao.

Since he has been seriously injured by his half-brother in secret, he turns Feng Ruo Yao’s trick to his own use and allows himself to be captured by her in order to recuperate in the demon realm. The two seem to be quarrelsome foes, but in fact, their love is two-way.

No matter what obstacles they encounter, they always treat each other with sincerity. Eventually, they manage to eliminate the gap between the immortal and the demon and get together…

(Source: WeTV)